About us
About us
Situated in the former Philips' Clockbuilding Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw
design innovative product concepts as “Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving”.

The range in products is large, from memo-magnets to a giraffe-lamp; designs big and
small, for any consumer. Our designs are clever products for the human habitat.

Inspriration can come forth from many different ways. A facination for a certain
technique or material, or a flaw in an existing design. What can be improved,
how do you experience a product? These are things we start to play around with.
Through sketches and models we start working to find a concept that enthuses us.

We try to do what we do best, and like to work with people that do the same.
Strong businesses that share our passion for good design, with whom we can
develop authentic products.

We think it is important to develop genuine, intelligible products. Details are
important to us, as they allow us to make clever products. Products you can be proud to own.

We are conatantly looking for things that do not yet exist. These searches can
end up with anything; an improvement to an archetype or the discovery of entirely new forms.